What Clients Say

"Bessie reacted well to the treatment. She moves more freely and is more inclined to run. When agility training over small height jumps she is now showing very little if any hesitation or measuring. There seems to be much less stiffness following jumping than previously."
June 2006

Petabeak Singin Hinny
"Hinny has reacted very favourably to massage treatment, loving the experience. By the third massage, Hinny greeted Sue as one of her "Special People". Before the massage she was still very stiff and lacklustre, now she is back to being her laughing happy self and is certainly well on the way to a full recovery following her operation (cruciate repair)."
July 2006

"Thank you so much. It has really helped him and hopefully will keep him going a bit longer!"
January 2007

Sue Julian working with a canine  patient

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