• Clicker training classes
    Clicker training is a way of training your dog using positive reinforcement using a small plastic box called a clicker and a very large bag of different dog treats.
    Dogs learn quickly and easily using this method - useful for every day good manners or to teach tricks to show off to your friends with.

  • Clicker training by Sue Julian

  • Agility classes
    Where your dog negotiates a course comprising of jumps, tunnels, weaves and contact equipment.
    Please note your dog must be twelve months old to start as they have to have finished their growing before commencing classes.

  • Agility classes
    Topjax Animal Therapies, Tonbridge Kent
    Agility training by Sue Julian

  • DAQ International
    I am an accredited practitioner in the DAQ movement method.
    This takes place in the form of pet keep fit classes for you and your dog. Or in small specific
    groups e.g.
    • Remedial work after your dog has had an operation, as this is low impact yet
    • Ringcraft: Encourages better and correct movement.
    • Agility: Encourages tight turns, speed and control.
    • Keep fit classes for you and your pet in a fun environment.

    Accredited DAQ practitioner, Tonbridge Kent

    Please see the DAQ link on the Links page (or click here) for more information as this is still quite a new concept!

All the above are sometimes available in groups or on a one to one basis.


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